I have spent 35 years helping businesses to make a step change in their performance

This is what I have learned…

…most businesses chase incremental year on year improvements in profits but it is possible to make a significant step change in performance and in this blog I will share with you how this has been achieved.

Step Change is the name I have given to the overall process that has evolved over many years of helping businesses to transform their performance and it provides a road map that others can follow. It has worked in a wide range of sectors and sizes of business, from a 10 person SME through to a multibillion pound international business.

In this first blog I will focus on an issue that many businesses could be facing right now, profit erosion. They may not be seeing the year on year sales increases they have enjoyed in previous years.  With increases in rates, materials and wages and also competitors fighting to retain market share; defending margins will become a priority for many.

The Runner approach is one way that has enabled a number of businesses to make a step change in their cost control and to boost profits. I will outline the Runner approach in this first blog.

1 Comment

  1. HI David,
    I love the description of the “Runners” role within a business. 3 Years ago with a 2 million pound turnover I realised the importance of a dedicated purchasing role which has allowed us to really drill down on product costs easily saving double the salary cost.
    We are also working hard to understand why we aren’t making the margins we think we are today.
    Your blog has reminded me that we need to step up our activity in measuring all areas of costs within the business.
    Kind regards
    Tim Mason


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